Maximizing Strength, Movement and Function

Physiotherapy can help with a wide variety of injuries, problems and conditions. As well as treatments such as massage and manual therapy, physiotherapy aims to help people self manage problems with advice on exercise and lifestyle to prevent recurrence of problems.

Physiotherapy for Sports

We offer physiotherapy for sports related problems. We will tailor our treatments to best match your goals in sports and in life.

Persistent Pain Rehabilitation

If you have had long-term pain then it is easy to feel like your injury is not healing, or even getting worse. Pain generally makes exercise less appealing and encourages rest – neither of these which are helpful to recovering from pain. Good news is that we offer pain science informed physiotherapy! This means that treatment is directed at re-training your pain system to be less protective, which generally involves learning about pain and increasing movement. Learning about your pain provides an explanation for why things have not improved, and generally gives you confidence to move more. Exercise not only helps to make your tissues stronger, but it can help your pain system to become less protective. Our treatment will help you to develop strong self-management skills and positive health behaviours toward recovery. Let's work toward meaningful goals and start achieving the things that matter.

Domiciliary Services

Hyndland Physio are now offering a domiciliary service where you can get physiotherapy treatments and advice in your own home.

Other Services

Sports Massage1-to-1 PilatesAcupuncture

Pre & Post-op Physiotherapy

Are you planning to have a surgery soon, or just back from the hospital? We can help you to get back to your normal self as fast as possible! Research shows that doing some physiotherapy before and/or after surgery helps a lot with recovery. Doing some exercise will help you get out of the hospital faster, loose less muscle mass and reduce pain levels.

Strength & Conditioning

Strengthening is a Great Rehabilitation Tool

Strength is really important for your general health and everyone can benefit from strengthening, no matter the age, gender or level! At the clinic we can offer 1-to-1 advice and instruction on pilates and core exercise which can help recovery and prevention of injury.

Additional Rehab Protocols

Frank Gilroy Physiotherapy

Frank Gilroy is one of our physio partners having spent 27 years working as a Physiotherapist within the NHS, working with top Sports teams and being a visiting Physiotherapy lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University, Frank now also consults for us on many rehabilitation protocols. He has written numerous physiotherapy post-op exercise protocols for use after surgery.

Visit Frank's Website

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During your first appointment, you will get the opportunity to share your story and we will set meaningful treatment goals together.

We will undertake a general assessment, to establish where you sit at the moment and to further tailor our treatment plan.


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